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stealth webcam recorder Empty stealth webcam recorder

Post by roona on Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:32 am

Well there are many places to get a camera for that purpose. Go online and search for one def. and tell her not to get on the computer because it is down for repairs or something. I saw this on Cop out. but you should get a teddy bear, set it somewhere in the room and cut out the back and out a camera in its head. that sounds kinda hard but id do it. or you can always just buy one!Smile or ask her if she is bringing anyone over or ask your neighbors to keep an eye out and watch to see if anyone comes to the surveillance software. Hope this helps Smile There are a few ways to do this, there are security programs on a webcam that turn it on descretly and transmit pictures to a webserver or email address. then there is a camera built into a teddy bear, but! bear in mind that the use of any video camera without the knowledge of the person being recorded is actually a criminal offence, you need to put a sign up somewhere telling visitors that they MAY be recorded.
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