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QuantumHash | Get Free 125GHs | Payment Proof Attach

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QuantumHash | Get Free 125GHs | Payment Proof Attach

Post by DesertRose on Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:31 pm

Guys, there is newly developed cloud mining site Overview

The verification of the company’s authenticity can easily be done through the website because the Companies House has given a link to their verification page on the website. Other interesting features on the site are the current market price of the Bitcoin and the total amount paid out to beneficiaries of the program. Based on the information there, we can see that has paid out more than 0.009 BTC since it started on October 28, 2017. looks professional too as it lacks ads from other companies. There are also no links from the site to other sources except that which is used to verify the company’s authenticity.

Withdraw as little as 0.00025 BTC

This is one of the lowest withdrawal amounts we have come across. It makes it easier for people to get their benefits and reduces their chances of losing.

Affiliate program

Just like the investment package, is also giving out 10% as a bonus for referring friends.  You can easily woo people when you tell them that the company accepts anything as deposit and also gives out 125 GH/s free of charge.

Join Now : Smile

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