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Forums Rules - Read them carefully!

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:03 pm

Forums Rules - Read them carefully!

Here are the rules of the forum. Read them carefully so your ip address does not get banned.

They follow the format of:

- No posting the same message in ALL of the categories.
- No excessive posting (please limit yourself to only a few messages per day)
- No inappropriate thread titles.
- No posting urls in the thread title.
- No double posting (same message twice in a row).
- No copying other members ads.
- No links to inappropriate sites.
- No porn advertisements.
- No insulting members of the forum or the admins.
- No asking for anyone's personal information. If they give it they'll post it or put it in there profile.
- No multiple usernames per person.

Remember, these rules are meant to keep the site profitable and also for the general enjoyment of everyone. I know most of you are very good with all of these rules and I'm sorry to even have to bring it up, but it is an issue that seems to be becoming a more prominent. I want to stop it now before it does become a problem.

Thanks !

Best wishes,


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