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Golden-Birds biz - Program Details Empty Golden-Birds biz - Program Details

Post by DesertRose on Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:24 am

Golden-Birds biz - Program Details 206

Golden Birds is a site that is almost 3 years old, through which you can make money in a simple and enjoyable way. Activity on this site does not take you more than 5 minutes in a day.

The virtual currency on this site is silver. With silver you can buy birds. Each type of bird makes a certain number of eggs per hour:

- the green bird produces 7 eggs / hour and costs 100 silver,
- the yellow bird produces 70 eggs / hour and costs 1,000 silver,
- the brown bird produces 370 eggs / hour and costs 5,000 silver,
- the blue bird produces 1,920 eggs / hour and costs 25,000 silver,
- The red bird produces 9,650 eggs / hour and costs 100,000 silver

The eggs you collect can be sold and with the money you can buy other birds or you can withdraw them in a Payeer account. Payment is instant.

Registration link

The money obtained from the sale of eggs is divided into two balances:

70% in the repurchase balance, where you can just buy other birds
30% cash balance, which you can withdraw when you have collected at least 100 silver

After registration, you will have 4 things to do daily:

- Claims a bonus of between 10-100 silver daily
- When you have at least 100 silver, you buy birds
- Gather the eggs that your hens did
- Sell the eggs you collected

When you have collected [Withdrawal] at least 100 silver you can redeem the money. To be able to withdraw, you must have at least one active referral or at least 10 Rubles (about $ 0.15).

If you want to reinvest 100% of what you earn and buy more birds at the beginning, until you reach a withdrawal amount that suits you, you can convert your rebate balance to a 20% gain. That means you can convert 1000 silver from your retirement balance and get 1200 silver in the rebate balance. That's why you have to go to the Swap menu.

In case you want to make money to get a better start, you are doing 200% promotions on a regular basis. That means you get three times as much as you have deposited. 10 rubles would normally bring you 1000 silver. With this promotion you will receive 3000 silver.

Registration link

Payment Proof :

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