Free 30Gh's for all of us! Mine your fav coins today

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Free 30Gh's for all of us! Mine your fav coins today Empty Free 30Gh's for all of us! Mine your fav coins today

Post by DesertRose on Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:30 pm


I want to inform you people about a new Cloud Based Coin called XViata.
You can mine this coin very easy.

The first 30Gh's are 100$ free !!
So why wait ?

Join Now :

Cloud Mining
Newest technologies

We use only the latest equipment and carry out tuning to ensure the highest mining speed

Our experts will provide 100% of the work of your equipment 24/7

Our designers have developed an excellent interface for easy management of all processes of crypto currency production

Frequently Asked Questions
What is VIATA?

VIATA is the monetary unit of the xviata system. To denote the price or quantity, the VIA reduction is used (for example: "100 VIA"). VIATA is immaterial. It's just a number tied to an address.
How do I get VIATA?

There are many ways to purchase viata:
Accept as payment for goods or services.
On our exchange you can exchange them for other currencies.
Find a trader and exchange it for cash.
Create a new block (currently the 50 VIA award).
Does viata give unfair benefits to the first participants?

The first participants have a large amount of viata at the moment, because they took the risk and invested resources in untested technology. Therefore, it will be fair if they reap the rewards of their successful investment. In any case, any viata created will go hand in hand dozens of times as a means of exchange, so that the profit gained from the initial distribution will be insignificant compared to the overall level of commercial activity on the network.
VIATA is a financial pyramid?

In the financial pyramid, the founders convince investors that they will make a profit. Viata does not give such a guarantee. There is no central legal entity, only individuals building an economy. In the financial pyramid, early participants can only profit from those who came after them. The first participants benefit from the appreciation. Late participants benefit from stability and a widely recognized digital currency. The fact that the first participants are more profitable does not lead to a conclusion about the financial pyramid. Apple shares were not a financial pyramid, although the first investors got rich.
What crypto-currencies are using your service?

VIATA CORP offers cloud-based mining of the following currencies: Bitcoins (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH) VIATA (VIA).
What is mining?

Mining or mining is the process of consuming computing power in order to find blocks and thus create new viata. The essence of the mining is reduced to the search for such a number that the hash-sum from it would satisfy the requirements of the current complexity for "block sealing", while the person who found this number is paid a certain amount, at the moment it is 50 VIA.
What affects my income and profits?

Complexity of mining of this or that currency:
BITCOIN - 711697198174
LITECOIN - 243261.89075222
DOGECOIN - 79057.94205353
ETHEREUM - 962749578365
VIATA - 0.000024414
I got a hash, when will I charge?

All payments occur within 12 hours after the withdrawal order. The first accruals you receive immediately after purchasing a hashtreit.
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